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Southwest Fence & Supply Company will build your gates and overheads to match your setting or needs.

Gates and Gate Accessories provide an immediate indication of whether or not a fence has been designed well and constructed with high quality materials. At Southwest Fence Systems we have pioneered several innovative gate systems. Our gates were each developed to fulfill a particular need and are all constructed with Schedule 10 or extra heavy Schedule 40 steel pipe.

A weakness in many gates lies in their hinging and latching systems. The Southwest Series gates, on the other hand, feature sturdy, smooth operating components - and are easy to install.

Self-closing Ranger Gate
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The Self Closing Ranger Gate is the latest Southwest Fence Systems innovation to be commercialized. This product evolved after several years of experimentation and testing within the western regional park system. Featuring a gravity hinge (with no springs) this gate is both self-closing and self-latching, durable, virtually vandal proof and is available in four foot long and six foot configurations. It is installed easily by digging a hole, setting the gate in the ground and firming the soil around its base.

Swing Gate With Panel
Swing Gate With Panel
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The Southwest Fence Systems Swing Gates are appropriate for a multitude of situations and are extremely durable, practical and economical. Along with most other Southwest Fence Systems products they are manufactured individually; and they are constructed from high grade Schedule 10 steel pipe in 10, 12, 14, and 16 foot versions.

Swing Gates may be ordered either a heavy-duty chain or with a smooth operating spring latch.

Another popular gate package is our Southwest Barb Wire Gate Assembly This kit features a lever latching system and end supports for constructing a state-of-the-art wire gate or gap.


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For the ultimate Security and convenience for multiple-party property access we offer the Southwest Series Multi-lock Box. Available standard in five or ten lock configurations, this remarkable security device is easily installed on most gates. The clean looking boxes are constructed of heavy steel with a unique lockout protecting design that is weather proof and protects the individual locks from bolt cutters. It's ideal for easements and multi-ownership or access gates.

"There is no doubt that Southwest fence has all the right equipment to build fences that will last, and their prices are fair too."

Tony Costa, Vaquero Farms
Byron, California

barb wire gate assembly
Barb Wire Gate Assembly
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